Trust Your IT Sourcing to Cannon Group

Trust Your IT Sourcing to Cannon Group

Trust Your IT Sourcing to Cannon Group

Sourcing has become a critical tool for all businesses to reduce the time and money spent on operations. In turn, more resources can be dedicated to strategic business initiatives. Effective sourcing and negotiations play a crucial role in protecting the business from unfavorable contracts, high pricing, and support charges. Sourcing bridges the gap between strategy and execution. You can’t afford to get it wrong.

 Sourcing and negotiating your IT and contracts is a delicate task. The wide array of services offered within IT, such as telecom, hardware, routers, oracle applications, and software development, make sourcing for your IT needs a highly complex process. You want to be sure you’re finding vendors who will provide outstanding resources and service while staying within your budget.

This can become overwhelming when negotiating deals with vendors that have superior product knowledge and experience. This is where Cannon Group comes in.

We have a team of expert negotiators that will work on your behalf

Sourcing and contract negotiation shouldn’t feel like putting out fires. The Cannon Group team possesses expert knowledge of telecom, cloud technology, hardware, TEM, and data centers. With years of building trusted relationships with vendors, we can walk the walk and talk the talk, ensuring you get the best pricing and resources every time. With Cannon Group, you can expect market-leading pricing, terms, and conditions to ensure maximized savings. Our team guides you through a retained sourcing process that will ultimately match you with the technology solution you’ve been searching for. 

Our strategic process can be applied to multiple contract types 

We realize software, hardware, IT, and telecom deals all have their own set of characteristics, and so does your business. We’ve developed a standardized process that works across multiple areas. The retained sourcing process starts with a session in which our team conducts a series of interviews to identify the requirements of the contract. From this point, we match you with the necessary vendor with the right tools for your business. We then conduct a strategy session where we develop an action plan customized to your unique needs. After multiple rounds of read-outs and comprehensive feedback from both your team and ours, contracts are drawn, and Cannon Group takes care of the hard part on your behalf: vendor communication, legal, and finally, the signature chasing. Our team gives you visibility every step of the way, showing you the resources you will be given and exactly what you will be paying for.

When our team partnered with an Energy Industry Firm, we were able to complete the sourcing process 45 days sooner than was projected, positioning the client to quickly deploy the new software and portal platform to be used by their industry partners.

We deliver cost savings that you can count on

We bring results quicker. Companies that use Cannon Group for their retained sourcing process reliably score 20% savings on IT spend. Our team has a flawless eye for detail. If you worry you may not be able to spot errors when they occur, don't worry: we will. Better contracts mean better fees, and more profit for your business.

The team at Cannon Group doesn’t promise to be an-end-all-be-all solution, but we do promise a dedicated relationship to help you find the right solutions for you and your enterprise. At Cannon Group, we believe in taking things off your business’ hands to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Trust your retained sourcing process to our team of experts at Cannon Group.

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