AT&T vs. Verizon SD-WAN for Enterprises

AT&T vs. Verizon SD-WAN for Enterprises

AT&T vs. Verizon SD-WAN for Enterprises

SD-WAN is ultimately the new generation of WAN. It is a new and better way to build and manage long-distance networks and is especially important for enterprises. With SD-WAN, changes to your enterprise's network can be easily centralized and managed across the entire WAN all through a central management portal.

If you are looking to lower costs, increase performance, easily set rules and policies and automatically distribute and implement them across your organization, SD-WAN is for you. But what other advantages are there for SD-WAN and should you go with AT&T or Verizon for SD-WAN? 

Instead of stretching your IT department too thin and piling on more research and implementation tasks, keep reading to learn more about SD-WAN providers and how Cannon Group will ease the decision and migration process for you. 

What are the Advantages of SD-WAN?

Configuring new or existing network infrastructure is much easier with SD-WAN than it is with traditional WAN. 

With SD-WAN, changes to your enterprise's network can be centralized and managed across the entire WAN. This is all done through a central management portal that helps lower costs and increases performance. You can also set rules and policies, and automatically distribute and implement them across your enterprise. 

The 3 main advantages of SD-WAN to highlight are: 

  1. Increases agility by simplifying network policy configuration and management.
  2. Provides higher performance by intelligently leveraging multiple paths, including broadband connections.
  3. Brought together, it provides better agility and performance to lower IT operation costs.

Apart from knowing the advantages, in order to successfully implement a new SD-WAN infrastructure into your enterprise, you need to know which service providers best fit your needs and how to choose the right solution. 

Who Provides SD-WAN Services?

There seems to be an almost unlimited number of SD-WAN service providers to choose from, which makes finding the perfect fit for your enterprise a daunting task. Two of the top providers for enterprises are household names we all know: AT&T and Verizon. 

Apart from the big two, there are some other notable providers, including Cato, Fortinet, and Cisco Maraki. While these are not the only providers on the market for your enterprise to choose from, we are going to narrow in and focus on the benefits of Verizon and AT&T SD-WAN. 

Benefits of AT&T SD-WAN

AT&T SD-WAN with Cisco is a great option for most enterprises. Its service offering encompasses centralized management options, a secure multi-domain architecture to easily connect your assets, and a predictable user experience with cloud architecture. 

If your enterprise is looking for an SD-WAN solution with strong analytics capabilities for analysis and planning, AT&T SD-WAN with Cisco is a great option. The strong analytic capabilities of the system bring advanced insights and visibility into your network performance, which allows for data analysis and useful planning of what-if scenarios.

Although the analytical capabilities of AT&T’s SD-WAN solution alone are a home-run, there are a number of other features that enterprises will benefit from. 

Enterprises that utilize AT&T SD-WAN with Cisco benefit from: 

  • Centralized management
  • Integrated security that protects users, devices, and applications
  • A highly secure multi-domain infrastructure
  • Increased productivity with cloud and on-premise application performance

AT&T’s SD-WAN with Cisco allows enterprises to leave behind the problems associated with traditional WAN infrastructures by easily connecting cloud, campus, branch data centers, and colocation facilities. This flexible SD-WAN infrastructure allows your employees to connect from a variety of devices from any location.

For enterprises looking to improve performance, security, and reporting, AT&T SD-WAN is a perfect fit. 

At Cannon Group, we understand that when you know you’ve found your perfect solution, it can be frustrating not knowing where to start the implementation process. If your enterprise has decided to go with AT&T SD-WAN with Cisco but needs an extra hand in migrating — or if you need help assessing how it would look in your infrastructure, we’re here to help ease the process

For enterprises not so sure about which SD-WAN solution to go with, don’t worry, we’re not done going through your options yet.

Benefits of Verizon SD-WAN

Verizon’s Managed SD-WAN solution is going to make your enterprise’s WAN work smarter, not harder. 

We understand that people across your entire organization are requesting faster speeds, better upload time, and more bandwidth. With requests from all over the place, it’s hard to know where to start. Verizon’s Managed SD-WAN helps your network deployments work together more efficiently so you don’t have to worry. 

Verizon’s Managed SD-WAN solution helps you build a personalized SD-WAN solution that routes all of your applications to the right destination, so there is no confusion or slowdowns. As a partner, Verizon handles your SD-WAN design, configuration, and maintenance. 

It’s important to use your network for private data, so Verizon SD-WAN helps you find the perfect solution to use your network for critical applications. This way, private data stays private, and less critical data can be sent over public networks. 

Apart from building a personalized SD-WAN solution and helping you protect your data, Verizon’s SD-WAN solution offers intelligent path control, application optimization, and secure connectivity.

If your enterprise's goal is to use bandwidth more efficiently, Verizon SD-WAN is the solution you’ve been looking for. We know that implementing a new infrastructure is a huge task, so we are here to help. Make sure you chat with a Cannon Group expert when you make your move to Verizon SD-WAN. 

Should my Enterprise use AT&T or Verizon SD-WAN?

With all of the benefits and services that both AT&T and Verizon offer for their SD-WAN customers, it can be impossible to make a decision between the two. We know that running your enterprise is your main duty, so let us help you in making the tough technology decisions. 

Instead of spending hours researching options only to find yourself left with more questions than answers, schedule a consultation with a Cannon Group representative who will guide you through the tech assessment process and help you find the perfect solution for your enterprise. 

Until then, check out this quick breakdown of the benefits of AT&T and Verizon SD-WAN: 

Centralized ManagementSimplified Network Management
Integrated SecuritySecure Connectivity
Multi-Domain InfrastructurePersonalized Solution
Bandwidth InsightsOptimized Bandwidth 

How to Choose the Right SD-WAN Solution for Your Enterprise

Didn’t find the solution that’s right for your enterprise? That's ok! Cannon Group is here to help you source and find the best SD-WAN solution for your enterprise. 

If you’re unsure of whether to go with AT&T vs. Verizon SD-WAN for your enterprise or don’t think either of these is the right fit for you, we’re here to help. Our experts will take time to understand your complex IT infrastructure and workforce to find the best solution. 

To find your enterprise's perfect SD-WAN solution, fill out this form to get started! One of our IT experts will get back to you in the next 48 hours. 

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