Top 5 Benefits of Working with Cannon Group

Top 5 Benefits of Working with Cannon Group

Top 5 Benefits of Working with Cannon Group

Cannon Group is an industry leader in developing and providing comprehensive Expense and Managed Mobility Services (MMS) and solutions that help clients create efficiencies and identify savings opportunities in their IT environments. For over 25 years, we’ve been dedicated to helping global leaders and Fortune 500 companies save time, money, and resources. 

So what can Cannon Group do for your business? Let’s dive in.

1. Full Service Support

When you sign on with Cannon Group, you’re getting so much more than monthly data reports. We deliver expert insights as to what that data means for your specific business environment. Better yet, we have the ability to implement the process improvement solutions we suggest. Our team of experts boasts sharp business acumen as well as a vast understanding of mobile carriers and their contracts and services. Their knowledge combined with our innovative technology means our customers are guaranteed robust support that includes: 

  • Provisioning and managing software tools
  • Organizing and managing data 
  • Detailed reporting and data interpretation 
  • Recommendations of actionable items 
  • Execution of recommendations

Our competition provides data. We provide solutions.

2. Streamlined Workflow

As technology advances, business processes are becoming more and more automated. However, there are still areas that badly need modernization. IT managers remain bogged down by day-to-day mobile estate management, complex invoicing, and billing. Without process modernization, invoicing velocity moves at a snail’s pace and causes clogged resource channels while vendors wait for payment. Mobile requests pile up and employees are stuck with faulty tech while they wait for their upgrades. Cannon Group’s innovative end-to-end solutions take all of that pressure out of your workflow. 

By eliminating and automating repetitive manual tasks, Cannon Group’s resources allow IT managers and CIOs to focus on the bigger picture, like keeping your business running at peak efficiency. 

3. Improved Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is becoming more important to managers and executives. If you haven’t started focusing on employee satisfaction, now is the time; and working with Cannon Group is a great place to start. We guarantee your teams will be happier once they are benefitting from drastically reduced “to-do” lists. Even better, our user portal is easy to use and we provide 24/7 support for all our clients. We have an automated ticket response system, which means fast results - we know your employees need access to their devices at all times.

We are proud of our 98% satisfaction rating, and we’re dedicated to bettering ourselves wherever possible. That’s why we poll every ticket to see if there’s room for improvement.

4. Validated Resource Allocation

Wouldn’t it be great to know that every dollar spent is providing the maximum benefit to your company? Cannon Group’s auditing system and itemized reporting gives you clear insights into where your resources are going. This improved visibility allows decision makers to better direct funds, as well as understand profits and losses faster.

5. Increased Profitability and Peace of Mind

The expert insights and efficiencies Cannon Group creates for our clients save them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Our Expense and Mobile Management technology provides IT managers and executives clear data on how money is allocated, and our optimization recommendations make cost-cutting decisions easy. We also provide consistent policy enforcement and billing/invoicing automation, which eliminates revenue lost to discrepancies caused by human error.

You’ll also rest easy knowing that your invoicing and billing match, that your device policies are consistently enforced, and that our technology is finding cost-cutting solutions for you. When you put your trust in Cannon Group, your mobile estate is in the hands of experienced project managers and experts, working around the clock for you at a competitive price. 

Do you think Cannon Group’s resources could be a good fit for you? Contact a Cannon Group expert today to discuss how we can make running your business easier. 

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