Orchestrating 10x Bandwidth

Orchestrating 10x Bandwidth

Orchestrating 10x Bandwidth



America’s largest propane company grows its business in large part through the acquisition of other high-quality propane companies across the country. With each acquisition, however, they inherit new communication technologies. As such, they needed a repeatable process that could identify the various technologies in place, pare it all down per the needs of internal customers and integrate into their current network. In an environment of high activity and constant change, their internal IT resources did not have the bandwidth to manage this complex undertaking on an ongoing basis. And the longer they waited after each acquisition to get a handle on the IT landscape, the more money they were wasting on technology that was not needed.


Cannon Group employed a tightly managed process to understand which technology was contractually in place, what services were deployed at which locations and which of those were still needed—along with all associated expenses. Cannon then partnered with the client to convert and integrate the remaining technology into the existing network.


Cannon Group redesigned how the customer manages changing systems, processes and technology across the entire business for greater savings and productivity. To date, the client has seen a 10X bandwidth increase with a 10% drop in communications spending.

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