Contract Negotiation & Ongoing TEM

Contract Negotiation & Ongoing TEM

Contract Negotiation & Ongoing TEM



A nationally recognized accredited university went through a reorganization that dramatically impacted the existing IT infrastructure and in-place IT vendors. To meet organizational priorities and deadlines, new carrier contracts were needed as well as a more automated approach to managing a complex billing environment. The client was resource-constrained and required extra support to implement all needed infrastructure changes.


Cannon Group was engaged to manage the sourcing, vendor management and project implementation processes, start to finish. New carrier contracts were negotiated, telecom services were split-off from the old contracts and new billing profiles were created for the new entity. The Cannon team also project managed the install of new services. To address the new billing complexity and reporting needs, Cannon Group implemented a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution to help the customer seamlessly manage their going-forward environment.


With all new carrier contracts in place, the university realized close to $500K in annual savings. From an ongoing operational perspective and using the TEM platform, the university can now view, manage and allocate all telecom charges at both a campus level and by region.

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