InvoiceVue: Give your team relief from burnout by modernizing your complex invoice management

InvoiceVue: Give your team relief from burnout by modernizing your complex invoice management

InvoiceVue: Give your team relief from burnout by modernizing your complex invoice management

Invoicing is foundational for every company. Your company’s cash flow depends on timely and accurate payments coming in and out. 

While simple invoices for fixed costs and things like office supplies, etc. can be managed easily through spreadsheeting… Telecommunications, IT, and Utility invoices get highly complex and require a different invoice management approach than with simple invoices. Varied meter ratings along with call originations, destinations, and durations mean these invoices can’t be predetermined or fixed. Also, most complex invoices include charges for various services that need to be cost allocated to various budget centers. These are the reasons why these invoices are considered complex. 

Many companies still manage these complex invoices using a risky and manually-intensive spreadsheet entry system. 

Data in these spreadsheets gets put on “spreadsheet island” with limited visibility, a lot of effort,  and no valuable trend reporting. Without monitoring this information, companies can’t use it to contribute to important business decisions being made. Easy visibility into the data from these invoices is offered through various software packages available on the market; however, these programs lack the algorithm that helps track inventory, audit charges, and apply cost codes to various billing items automatically.

That’s where Cannon Group’s InvoiceVue can help.

Unlike other companies, we are people first. Not software first. Our complex invoice management has two parts to it: our proprietary in-house complex invoice management software InvoiceVue and our dedicated team of experts that we assign to every account. 

InvoiceVue will not only give you visibility into every invoice, but it also monitors for errors and wrong or unnecessary charges, reduces your team’s workload, while giving you a team of experts by your side. Experts who will provide you with actionable insights both now and preemptively before you need them. 

Let’s look at why you should be trusting Cannon Group’s experts and InvoiceVue for all your complex invoice management needs.

Decrease in Risks and Erroneous Charges

The number of variables involved in complex invoices leaves room for the risk of errors and overlooked unnecessary charges. With InvoiceVue, invoices are completely automated, mistakes are easily caught, and your company is saved from incurring additional expenses.

Oftentimes invoices that have gone through the approval process will have miscellaneous or inaccurate charges added on that aren’t caught by the approvers. InvoiceVue gives you the confidence to know you are not paying for things you don’t need by providing monthly insights supported by our team of experts.

Department Charges

We get it - your team is working smart and interconnected across multiple departments. Charges are likely to come up on invoices that aren’t allocated to one department. InvoiceVue can monitor these expenses and help you divide these expenses by the departments that incurred them. Through intelligent automation, all of your invoices can be routed to the right place, every time.

Team of Experts on Your Side

Cannon Group is committed to taking things off your plate with InvoiceVue. 

When you partner with us, we never want to just give you software and leave you with more visibility, but the same amount of work. We give you a team of experts who will give you monthly insights and actionable guidance. 

With Cannon Group, you’re not just another account. You’ll have a dedicated consultant to provide you with immediate and pre-emptive guidance, an analyst to deliver actionable advice from your complex invoices, and a project manager to keep everything on track for your business to continuously reach its goals.

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Cannon Group’s complex invoice management uses InvoiceVue gives you full visibility and makes sure you’re supported with the right expertise behind that visibility. One spot, one place, one click to get all the data you need, before you need it, with InvoiceVue.

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