Benefits of MMS

Benefits of MMS

Benefits of MMS

Why Switch to Managed Mobility Service (MMS)?

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, businesses are becoming increasingly mobile. Whether your employees need to travel, work in the field, or work remotely, managing their devices is a big job that often falls on an already overloaded IT department. More and more companies are wisely choosing to outsource their mobile management to keep their internal workflow running as efficiently as possible. 

What is MMS?

Managed Mobility Service (MMS) providers are responsible for the procurement, deployment, and management of an enterprise’s mobile estate. MMS providers work with IT and finance departments to keep track of all their company’s mobile devices, their usage and costs, and their security. Working with an experienced Managed Mobility Service provider is crucial to the modern, ever-changing workplace. 

Improved Efficiency

Your IT department is already managing so much for your business: security, upkeep, repair issues, and more. Outsourcing MMS will take a huge weight off their shoulders so they can keep your business running smoothly, and even frees up time for them to explore new avenues that will improve your tech environment even more. 

Optimization and Support

IT isn’t the only department that will benefit from a smoother workflow. Expert management of your company’s mobile estate ensures that all your employees’ devices are up to date and optimized. Device upgrade and replacement requests are also automated through your MMS provider, which unclogs another channel that was previously handled manually. Better yet, a good MMS provider will offer 24/7 support for IT and end users. Round-the-clock support keeps downtime to a minimum, and optimized devices means your employees can focus on their work without inconvenient delays. 

Better Contract Negotiation

MMS providers have extensive knowledge of mobile carriers and their rates, contracts, and terms. An experienced MMS provider will help you negotiate the best terms and rates for your business, so you will get the most out of your agreement. 

Cost Cutting Opportunities

Not only will process modernization and better contracts improve your bottom line, you will quickly obtain a clearer understanding of how money is spent in your mobile environment. The insights you’ll receive from your MMS provider should help you locate inefficiencies and cut costs. In addition to the tangible ways you’ll be able to save, the improved productivity you’ll gain by streamlining your company’s workflow will surely lead to increased profitability.

Why Cannon Group is Different

Cannon Group is an industry leader in Managed Mobility Service. With over 25 years of experience managing mobile environments, we guarantee you’ll enjoy all of the above benefits and so many more. We not only have a vast understanding of mobile technology and carriers, we bring a strong business acumen that allows us to provide and execute actionable recommendations based on the insights we gather while managing your mobile estate. 

Other MMS providers give you data. We give you solutions.

Talk to a Cannon Group expert today to learn more about how we can help manage your mobile environment.

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