What is Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

What is Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

What is Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

According to Gartner, Managed Mobility Services is the suite of professional services that help companies plan, procure, provision, activate, manage, secure, and support their mobile devices, mobile network services, related mobile management systems & mobile applications.

Why Do Companies Outsource Their Mobility Management?

When we look at jobs to be done across the lifecycle of any mobile device, there are 5 core categories of deliverables inside Managed Mobility Services (Gartner).

  1. Sourcing and Logistics Management
  2. Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
  3. Security Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Program Management

Many times, these tasks get spread across a department and, in turn, spread internal resources thin. This leaves many directors and VPs of infrastructure wishing for either a bigger budget or a higher headcount.

And while many departments turn to various software along the way to make things more efficient, none of those solutions typically take things off a department’s plate completely.

By outsourcing these tasks, companies free up internal resources and create operational finesse within their departments. And, because their tasks are consolidated with one specialized provider, enterprises often see cost savings that outweigh a provider’s fee.
Ultimately, this is what allows companies to grow and scale their mobility while allowing their key team members to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Sourcing and Logistics Management

The critical capabilities of a sourcing and logistics provider include sourcing & contract negotiations, forward and reverse logistics, staging & kitting, advanced replacement, recycling, and device cascading.

Effective procurement generally hinges on efficient planning and the ability to tap into good vendor relationships. MMS providers with strong vendor relationships such as Cannon Group can establish reliable sourcing channels that your enterprise can tap into, handle requests for proposals (RFPs), and can negotiate the lowest prices on all bids.

Once devices are ordered and delivered, they need to be staged & kitted, then sent to the right employees in a cost-effective manner. Staging and kitting needs to be handled by experts or it can lead to significantly reduced productivity fori a company. It’s important that MMS solutions are vendor-neutral and can handle devices from several providers. 

The end of any device’s lifecycle must be considered as well. MMS providers can help recycle, replace, and even help deal with missing or stolen devices.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

With companies becoming more global, and employees increasingly working with their own devices, mobile asset management has become complex. Unified endpoint management tools streamline all these different endpoint types into one management console, through which all devices can be protected, configured, and monitored. 

Cannon Group provides support to all mobile users via a single interface integrated with our customers’ platform. We also guarantee that every device in your global network is taken care of, not just the majority.

Security Management

Not only does your mobile estate need to be well managed, it needs to be ultra secure, especially with the increased use of employees’ own devices. Security management offerings must include secured access, consumption monitoring, and policy enforcement by providing encryption, authentication, and EFSS (enterprise file synchronization and sharing). Your MMS provider should also cover DNS and content filtering, as well as malware protection.  

Financial Management

Expense management often falls on the shoulders of managers and admins who are already spread thin. Proper handling of complex invoicing often gets pushed to the back burner, which stalls workflow as vendors wait for payment. Even worse, human error and billing discrepancies cause lost profits. MMS providers automate and monitor the entire invoicing process, and find new cost-cutting efficiencies along the way.

Cannon Group’s financial management services have helped global companies save much as 40% in their mobile environments. Our expense management tools, combined with our experts’ business acumen, give Cannon Group the unique capability to not only provide actionable process improvement solutions based on the data we gather, but to execute those recommendations too. 

Program Management

Your MMS provider should be able to provide seamless management of all the aforementioned responsibilities; but their scope goes beyond the services they themselves provide. An MMS provider is also responsible for coordinating with any additional third-party vendors in your mobile environment, and managing those accounts. They should also provide robust support for managers and end users. 

Cannon Group provides 24/7 support for all our clients, a user-friendly portal for end users, and thorough on-boarding to ensure a smooth transition from the outset. Our automated ticket response means there’s no delay in addressing an issue, and we poll every ticket to see if there’s room for improvement.

Cannon’s Managed Mobility

Grow and scale your enterprise mobility by consolidating the management of your mobile environment with Cannon Group. We have 25+ years of vendor relationships and expertise, a satisfaction rating of 98%, close 150+ negotiations per year, and resolve 60,000 tickets per year.

Speak with one of our experts and see how Cannon Group might be able to help your enterprise. Because we are relationship-focused, our reputation depends on being able to serve your needs completely. 

Schedule your meeting now to see if Cannon Group is a good fit for your business. 

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