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Flexible Sourcing Experts Who Help You Get The Technology You Need for the Lowest Prices Possible

We give you a flexible and experienced team of IT sourcing experts with a reliable sourcing process. Combining expert flexibility with an iron-clad process is what drives never-before-seen savings in your environment.

We bring an average of 20% annual savings on IT spend

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Tap into any of our capabilities however you need

Tap into any of our capabilities however you need Everyone on our sourcing team is an expert who comes either directly from a vendor or from a vendor background. We know how to communicate with them and understand the hurdles to overcome in order to get you the right price.

No matter what the project scope.

Done For You

Free up your team to add operational finesse to your department.

Give us any sourcing project, big or small, and let us handle everything. Whether you’re switching to new transformative technology, transitioning from something like Skype to MS Teams, or need to offload a constant barrage of smaller sourcing projects, we’re the partner you need.

Done With You

We’re not trying to take anyone’s job here! No matter what your title, we want you to get double the wins with half the stress.

If you’re a part of a sourcing team or just need someone to fill in the gaps, we’re there for you. Engage us for any piece of the sourcing process or reach out to us for guidance only. We can supply you with knowledge and decision-making support and leave it at that if that’s what you need.

Retained Sourcing

Onetime sourcing projects


RFP Management

Red-lining & Review

Meet Your Cost-Cutting Duo

Senior Negotiator

On the front end, our senior negotiators handle everything on the front end. They discover your needs, create the strategy, and handle all the negotiations.

Senior Financial Analyst

Your sourcing decisions will be backed by the most accurate data. Behind the scenes, our financial analysts put together the bid sheets, model financials, and much more.

Backed By a Proven Process

Step 1Discovery


To negotiate the best price on any technology, we address each individual component in your environment. No matter the size of the contract.Through one of the more in-depth analyses you’ve likely seen, we find out how much you’re spending and exactly what you’re spending it on. Then we validate the data to make sure we have a full & accurate picture to strategize from.


Step 2: Strategy


Most of our clients are shocked by how in-depth our strategy sessions are.We dig through every component, answer every critical question, and give you every possible recommendation. All backed by clear data, benchmarking, and analysis to make sure you’re feeling confident as we put together your action plan.


Step 3: Action Plan


Once we’ve identified the best combination of vendors for you, we create an action plan to move forward smoothly. This is where we create a bid sheet, RFPs, terms, and conditions, communication and response guidelines, and more.

We’ll have everything we need to make a silky smooth bidding and contracting process.


Step 4: Bidding Rounds


Your senior negotiator will make sure the bidding rounds go quickly and effectively. After each round, we…

  • Put together the financials to see what and where the savings would be.
  • Hold a readout and tell you what the vendors came back with.
  • Go through a detailed list, component by component, of where the vendors were off compared to benchmarked rates.
  • Craft response letters telling vendors the price they need to hit to win the bid.

We do as many bidding rounds as we need to get you the best deal possible. All while giving you maximum transparency, visibility, and the final say on any decisions.


Step 5: Contracting


Vendor contracts are incorrect in the first contracting round.Our team is meticulous in seeing you through the entire contracting process. We review and redline the terms and conditions, handle all communications with the vendors, and do as many rounds as you need to get a clean contract to sign.

Through the process, we work closely with your legal team and any other key stakeholders.


 Step 6: The Final Signatures


Of course, you have to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. We’ll chase the countersignatures from vendors to make sure everything is signed and closed in a timely manner.

We've worked with 100+ Fortune 1000 companies

Willis Towers Watson
VWR Avantor
Univest Capital
Talen Energy
Southern Company
International Paper
Bed Bath and Beyond
DeVry University
PPL corp
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Morgan Lewis

With Cannon Group’s Sourcing, You’ll...

check-mark Find gaps in your service and contracts.


check-mark Identify the best service and vendor mix for your environment.


check-mark Be confident in your choice to stick with your current vendors or to reach out to new vendors.


check-mark Understand exactly what your bid and contracting communication strategy will look like.


check-mark Get clear financial models and analyses that will inform any decisions.

check-mark Find which pieces and components you can better orchestrate to create savings now.


check-mark Feel ready for the bidding, RFP, or renegotiation process, no matter how many services or vendors you need to change.


check-mark Have the bidding and contracting process finished quickly.


check-mark Lock in the most favorable terms and conditions on your contracts.


check-mark Feel confident you aren’t paying for things you don’t need to.

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