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about us

About Us

Through the strategic selection, integration and management of advanced technology solutions, we actively engage with our customers to improve productivity, cut costs and build for the future.


audit and compliance

Audit and Compliance

In the wake of continued IT spending growth, we have the resources, tools and know-how required to manage the full lifecycle of your expense management processes.


connectivity as a service

Connectivity as a Service (CaaS)

We make this complex and cumbersome process easier, while ensuring you get great service from your providers with cost-effective and high-quality network connectivity – and none of the hassle.


expense management

Expense Management

Through the strategic selection, integration and management of advanced technology solutions, we help you boost operational efficiencies, cut costs and build for the future.


it snapshot

IT Snapshot

Our IT Snapshot offering gives you visibility into your total IT spend to help maximize savings and increase negotiation leverage. We do all the leg-work so you don’t have to.




From complicated communications and IT invoices to highly complex contingent workforce invoices, we manage complex invoice expense management processes across any expense category.


fully managed it services

Fully Managed IT Services

With over two decades of experience in selecting, integrating and managing advanced technology solutions, we will maintain a staff with the right level of expertise to manage your end-to-end IT processes.


mobile optimization study

Mobile Optimization Study

Using our extensive mobility communications experience, we’ll help you discover cost-saving mobility options through a comprehensive zero-risk, zero-budget-impact analysis report.


negotiation assistance

Negotiation Assistance

We offer market intelligence and negotiation expertise to ensure you’re getting the best contract terms with the lowest rates for the technologies that will support your business.


project management as a service

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

With IT projects that are delivered on time and on budget, while aligning to your business’s strategic objectives, we can map the right project experts to your exact project needs so you get the outcome you desire.


transition management

Transition Management

Our seasoned project managers will help manage complex transitions and conversions to ensure a smooth transition that delivers minimal disruption to your organization, the staff and the budget.


value consulting

Value Consulting

We offer negotiation expertise and market intelligence to tailor the right technology to your business needs, to stay current with latest technologies in order to remain competitive.


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