Connectivity as a Service (CaaS)

Just because your connectivity demands are growing doesn’t mean you need to stretch or expand your own internal team. That's where we come in. Due to growing connectivity demands, we've launched Connectivity as a Service (CaaS), designed to help you manage your service providers – from sourcing through to circuit implementation and beyond.

Cannon Group’s CaaS solution takes a complex and cumbersome process and makes it simpler. We handle all of your moves, adds, changes, and disconnects for your broadband circuit orders, and even manage invoicing payments on your behalf. In short, we make your life easier.

Are your organization’s connectivity demands getting more complex?

Do you need to deal with multiple connections and diverse providers?

Are you planning on expanding your site orders?

Is the process of managing vendors becoming too time consuming?

Are you able to review invoices and make sure sites are disconnected?

We take care of all of this for you.

Don’t wait. Start getting great service from your providers, with cost-effective and high-quality network connectivity.

To get you started, we’ll manage your first site order at no cost, including the following:

  • Obtain quotes for 3 vendors, secure the appropriate PM support from each vendor and manage all required paperwork.
  • Place orders and project manage the implementation to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of connectivity services with all required equipment.
  • Manage necessary internal communications, schedule test and turn-up and attend cutover as the new circuits are being installed.
  • Ensure that your invoices are properly routed
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Cannon Group guided us through the rationalization and re-negotiation of hundreds of local telecom and data contracts into a small number of global relationships. Our company enjoyed a greater than 35% immediate annual reduction in its multi-million dollar communications expenditures. After signature, Cannon Group continued to monitor carrier usage and billing to realize an additional 5-7% savings per year.

<i>Chief Information Officer</i>, Leading Technology Provider

Connectivity as a Service

Learn more about how Cannon Group CaaS provides great service with cost-effective and high-quality network connectivity to make your life easier.

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