What They’re Saying About Cannon Group

Chief Information Officer

Global Automobile Company

I’ve been a Cannon Group customer for 15 years, and I’ve brought them with me through the last three companies that I worked with.

Chief Information Officer

Large Energy Provider

The Cannon Group team effectively represents our business interests in managing information technology contracts and costs. We are confident in their ability to continue to achieve positive results.

Director of Supply and Procurement

Global Energy Company

Cannon Group is now an extension of our IT and Procurement group as they are negotiating contracts directly for us. We’ve effectively turned the keys of the car directly over to them. It’s gone beyond just strict telecom expense management – It’s become a total optimization of our telecom program.

President and Executive Director


Cannon Group does a great job. I hired them a few years ago to manage our telecom bills. They saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars! I highly recommend them.

Director of Supply Management

Global Education Company

The Cannon Group team provides consulting services in telecommunications with skill, as well as efficiency with an emphasis on value. They are a pleasure to work with. They make their clients look good!

Chief Information Officer

Leading Pharmaceutical Company

What I’m looking for in consultants is someone who’s an extension of my team, and when they’re an extension of my team, they won’t nickel-and-dime me.

Chief Information Officer

Global Automobile Company

The RFP was very well managed! Great balance of on-site and off-site meetings. We were confident during the entire process that Cannon Group had our best interests in mind and understood the technology and end solution we wanted... The team was the key to this success.

Managing Director of Information Resources

National Organization

They were terrific! Fantastic job keeping the national office informed and prepared, moderating the club calls, doing analysis in timely manner, providing accurate information, negotiating strongly on our behalf and keeping us on task to hit due dates.

Director of Supply and Procurement

Global Energy Company

The differentiator for Cannon Group is trust! Trust gives us the comfort of having a solid relationship with our telecom outsourcing provider. That trust allows Cannon Group to autonomously execute on our behalf, which allows me to focus on the business that I intend to run, without having to worry about anything suffering on our telecommunications side.

Senior Sourcing Director

Fortune 500 Company

Based on what we’ve seen so far, we are looking to expand the program! We've realized incremental value and we’re extremely excited to build momentum with our wireless program managed by Cannon Group. Our next step is to expand the program to additional wireless providers under Cannon Group’s purview.

Chief Information Officer

Leading Technology Provider

Cannon Group guided us through the rationalization and re-negotiation of hundreds of local telecom and data contracts into a small number of global relationships. Our company enjoyed a greater than 35% immediate annual reduction in its multi-million dollar communications expenditures. After signature, Cannon Group continued to monitor carrier usage and billing to realize an additional 5-7% savings per year.

VP and Chief Technology Officer

International University

On our first engagement, the Cannon Group team was able to deliver huge savings back to my company. I also engaged their team to manage the telecommunications aspects of my company’s home office relocation and they completed the project with an improved plan, ahead of time and on budget. I highly recommend Cannon Group.

Mobile User

What a tremendous difference to our internal IT dept! Very thankful that I was able to get up and running with one phone call. Very little wait and no transfers or delays. Just someone who was able to help me get up and running.

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