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August 30, 2017

Seven Key Considerations to Maximize Your Mobile Computing Strategy

Although enterprise mobility is a critical business enabler, it's complicated. Don't forget about these important steps when developing a best-in-class mobile computing strategy for your business.
August 22, 2017

Evaluating Your Mobile Ecosystem

Mobility has become a strategic business imperative that should be embraced -- but be sure that your enterprise’s ecosystem has the rock-solid strategies and controls in place to address complexity and costs.
August 15, 2017

Why It’s Time to Rethink Mobility

Mobile technologies have revolutionized the business world -- while also presenting a host of issues for IT departments when it comes to managing the devices, contracts, invoices and users.
August 10, 2017

Mobile Communications: Rethinking Your Strategy

Enterprise mobility has progressed rapidly, and in that time, the right strategies, policies, controls and management have become critically important to the bottom line — as well as equally complex.
June 19, 2017

Considering a Move to SD-WAN? The Right Partner can Smooth the Transition

Choosing the right SD WAN solution is not straightforward. The key to success is knowing what the vendors are offering, what’s included or not, and the staying power of the companies themselves. They are changing constantly, from their solutions, partners and pricing.
June 6, 2017

Four Steps to a Successful SD-WAN Migration

Changing network infrastructure can be a foundational disruption for any modern enterprise if it is not properly and professionally executed. Here are four critical steps to consider when embarking on an SD-WAN migration.
May 30, 2017

Navigating the Complicated SD-WAN Landscape

Before choosing and implementing SD-WAN, it is important to consider a consulting firm that knows the vendors, their pricing and differentiators, exactly what questions to ask, and can provide a proven roadmap of the entire adoption process.
May 23, 2017

The Case for SD-WAN

SD-WAN can be very helpful for a variety of enterprises. But before beginning the SD-WAN journey, IT leaders need to ask: Does it make financial sense for my company? How much MPLS do we need to maintain for business critical traffic? Is my IT team ready for the sea change that SD-WAN will introduce to their world?
May 17, 2017

SD-WAN: Is it Worth Considering?

SD-WAN is worth some serious consideration for any enterprise IT department, particularly as this disruptive new technology could be, among other things, an attractive alternative to traditional hardware-centric networks such as MPLS.
December 7, 2016

What to Consider Before a Network Upgrade

Upgrading your enterprise network infrastructure is the best way to keep up with an ever-changing technology landscape. Based on time-tested Cannon Group processes, here are a few best practices for planning a network upgrade...
September 9, 2016

It Might Be Time to Revisit Unified Communications for Your Business

Gartner describes Unified Communications services as "now a viable alternative for many enterprise deployments." If your organization is planning a move to UC, Cannon Group can manage the entire process to help your company get on track and complete this implementation.
August 25, 2016

What to Expect from 5G

So what’s the deal with 5G? The industry is likely queuing up this new technology as a proactive solution for the wireless problems of the future. Frankly, it’s tough to predict how 5G could change the wireless environment on any scale—but we can make some educated predictions.
August 2, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About WiFi Calling

When making voice calls, users’ phones can utilize a nearby WiFi network instead of using their carrier's network connection. This can bypass the issue of weak carrier coverage in certain areas where users may be unable to get an adequate signal.
April 28, 2016

Are You Losing Money to Traffic Pumping?

Though security breaches seem to be most people’s greatest fear, traffic pumping is an underestimated and largely unknown culprit that could slowly but consistently be harming you financially.
March 16, 2016

How to Avoid Common and Costly BYOD Mistakes

To ensure maximized productivity and minimized risk with your BYOD program, it's essential to consider these factors: enterprise security, actual costs, the user experience, and a work-life balance.
February 24, 2016

How the Cloud is Affecting Application Delivery in 2016

This just in: Hybrid cloud is the new normal. According to a recent study, many enterprises are moving to hybrid cloud for flexibility and potential cost savings, with 100% of study participants reported using at least one of the 24 cloud application service choices provided.
November 11, 2015

Best “Enterprise-Savvy” Smartphones for Business Users

With the ever-present issue of security in mind, experts recommend these smartphones to protect company information while also performing everyday tasks in and out of the office.
May 29, 2015

Global Survey Shows Poor Mobile Usage Satisfaction Worldwide

According to a survey of more than 500 consumers around the world, the telecom industry ranks as the second worst industry for customer service worldwide. One of the best methods for improving this poor rating, experts say, is to improve analytics and real-time quality of experience monitoring.
May 26, 2015

Windows Switches to Subscription-Based, as-a-Service Model

In May of 2015, Microsoft announced plans to begin offering its Windows operating system as a service. As a result, CIOs and IT organizations will have to change the way they think about updates, creating processes to manage updates on an ongoing basis.
May 20, 2015

Collaboration between CFOs and CIOs is Becoming Essential

CFOs and CIOs must work together to balance technology, investment strategy and risk. As CFOs become increasingly involved in IT, CIOs must help them make technology investment decisions using their knowledge of important IT issues.
April 7, 2015

Tips for Mobile Business Development

In the years since BYOD entered the business environment, recent legal cases have illuminated much of the gray area surrounding BYOD policies. Going forward, these verdicts will provide valuable insight into the future of organizational BYOD.
March 25, 2015

Learn from Recent BYOD Lawsuits

In the years since BYOD entered the business environment, recent legal cases have illuminated much of the gray area surrounding BYOD policies. Going forward, these verdicts will provide valuable insight into the future of organizational BYOD.
February 18, 2015

Avoid Pitfalls in Cloud for Business

While implementing cloud can be an incredibly beneficial move for businesses, there are also many potholes to avoid on the road to savings and simplicity. Managing the extra costs of cloud implementation and day-to-day cloud usage is becoming increasingly important.
January 27, 2015

4 Cloud Computing Tips for Business

Many organizations have yet to explore the possibilities of cloud. But now, we can learn from an early adopter -- the U.S. government. It’s time to let these experiences be your guide and illuminate the potential of cloud computing for your business.
January 13, 2015

Making the Case for Enhanced Mobile Security

Mobile malware is a growing concern worldwide – and particularly in the enterprise mobile world. This infographic shows why you should pay attention to mobile security, and how you can fortify your organization’s overall mobile protection in 2015.
December 31, 2014

What to Expect for Enterprise Infrastructure in 2015

The enterprise industry has seen immense change within the past several years, and as the new year looms ahead, experts say that 2015 will be no exception. Based on recent trends, expect increases in everything from cyberattacks to mobile investments in 2015...
December 16, 2014

Don’t Overlook Enterprise Security

While enterprise IT has made leaps and bounds in terms of technology and growth, the truth is that company IT environments could be more vulnerable than ever, thanks to a weak link in enterprise security.
December 11, 2014

The Effects and Results of Enterprise BYOD

It's been several years since BYOD entered the business world. Now, after much speculation, comprehensive Gartner research shows that the BYOD strategy generally succeeds in achieving savings.
November 11, 2014

How to Combat “Anti-Innovation” Culture

Too often, CIOs and other IT professionals find themselves trapped in a stagnant tech environment due to an anti-innovation culture. Luckily, Gartner has a few ways to bypass the old adages and facilitate progress for your business.
October 23, 2014

Be Responsible About Cloud Implementation

When it comes to cloud implementation, don’t rely on automation to properly implement cloud for your business. It might be tempting to adopt a hands-off approach, but experts advise using the same due diligence you’d apply to traditional outsourcing engagements.
October 21, 2014

How Cloud Fits Into Your Business

Public cloud can be a useful business tool – in moderation. So, do public cloud services eventually cost your organization more than on-premise systems or private clouds? The answer is, as always, it depends.
September 8, 2014

It’s Time to Revamp Your IT Vendor Management

It’s time to re-think your vendor management program: Organizations must start demanding more value and innovation from vendor management programs to maximize opportunities and simultaneously mitigate risks.
August 27, 2014

New Cyberattack Targets 1,000 Major Networks – and Probably More

As mobility management becomes an important standard in the workplace, IT managers are becoming more willing to outsource mobility management to a third-party managed mobility services (MMS) provider. Here's why that could be a smart decision...
August 19, 2014

The State of Enterprise App Development

As mobility gains traction in the enterprise, mobile business applications are becoming more profitable for developers. However, recent research finds that only 16 percent of app developers participate in building enterprise mobile apps.
August 14, 2014

Security Advice from Cyber-Experts

Top “cyber-experts” talk about avoiding security threats in the digital world. While they point out that there’s no such thing as a catch-all solution, there are many ways to defend against cyberattacks.
July 28, 2014

How to Achieve Innovation & Cost Savings in a Digital IT Environment

Experts say that IT professionals (particularly CIOs and IT asset managers) could improve an organization’s IT by working together to manage digital IT for business.
July 10, 2014

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Mobility Management

As mobility management becomes an important standard in the workplace, IT managers are becoming more willing to outsource mobility management to a third-party managed mobility services (MMS) provider. Here's why that could be a smart decision...
July 2, 2014

Gartner Reduces Global IT Spending Projection for 2014

Why IT spending isn't living up to expectations this year -- Gartner experts are speculating that IT spending worldwide will increase by about 2.1 percent this year, rather than an earlier estimate of 3.2 percent.
June 23, 2014

Specify Ownership and Support in BYOD Contracts

With more businesses implementing BYOD in the workplace, well-written contracts will become more important than ever. That’s why contract managers should heed this advice to avoid legal, structural and policy issues within BYOD programs.
June 9, 2014

Stipends and Reimbursements for Mobile Services: Are They Taxable?

Recently, Cannon Group has received many inquiries regarding whether or not stipends and reimbursements for mobile services are taxable. The short answer: It depends. Read on to find out what you need to know…
May 22, 2014

A Breakdown of Big Telecom Mergers

How recent deals between AT&T and DirecTV, Comcast and Time Warner Cable could potentially affect the mobile Industry, and what these mergers mean for you and everyone else.
May 12, 2014

LTE is Quickly Becoming a Global Standard

Experts say that 497 network operators from 150 countries around the world have made firm commitments to deploy LTE networks, paving the road to making LTE a global standard.
April 28, 2014

Your Android Device May Be Vulnerable to Hackers

In the aftermath of Heartbleed, internet security is coming under close scrutiny. But it turns out that being hacked is still a very real threat for certain Android devices, calling enterprise mobile security into question.
April 23, 2014

Android Device Sales Continue to Dramatically Increase

Sales of Google OS devices more than double the sales of any other OS devices this year; however, Apple still earns more market profit. Meanwhile, Microsoft lags as PC sales decrease.
April 21, 2014

Make BYOD Security a Priority, ASAP

As BYOD becomes an increasingly widespread trend in the workplace, a recent survey reveals that employees using personal devices in the workplace could be leaving themselves (and their companies) open to attack.
March 26, 2014

How to Prepare for the Next Wireless Transformation

Wireless has been the single most influential technology development in recent memory. Now we need to upgrade our systems as we speed toward the next step of wireless advancement: ubiquitous mobility.
February 10, 2014

How to Ensure Mobile Security

While fast speeds and easy access to mobile Internet make LTE the next generation mobile technology, LTE devices are also more susceptible to security threats than their 3G counterparts. Defend your mobile device against increasing malware threats...
January 22, 2014

The Five Most Important Cloud Investments for Business in 2014

According to a study by Aberdeen Group surveying cloud usage in various businesses, business cloud users will increase their annual cloud spend by 8.6 percent, much greater than the predicted 1 percent increase in overall IT spending.*
January 13, 2014

CIOs: How to Regain Control Over Your Priorities

The role of the CIO has become essential in business. However, more importance on technology means more pressure on CIOs and their teams, and most CIOs and IT organizations are too busy managing the existing technologies already in place.
January 2, 2014

What to Expect for Telecom in 2014

With 2013 officially in the past, it’s time to start looking toward the future. According to a report by Morgan Stanley, 2014 could bring lots of change for the telecom industry.