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June 17, 2015

FCC Fines AT&T $100 Million on Data Throttling Charges

The FCC has proposed a $100 million data throttling fine for AT&T based on charges that the wireless carrier used deceptive carrier practices against consumers. More specifically, AT&T is being accused of data throttling, the practice of slowing down data flowing from a mobile network, resulting in slow connection speeds for users.
April 2, 2015

The Current State of Broadband and Net Neutrality

This informative graphic outlines past investments in broadband and compares the United States’s broadband service to similar services internationally. In addition, the infographic delves into a brief history of net neutrality.
March 2, 2015

The FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules

FCC lawmakers have finally settled upon a verdict regarding net neutrality, voting in favor of net neutrality advocates. For the average consumer, Internet browsing won’t immediately change...
November 19, 2014

How FCC Regulations Could Change the Internet

In the wake of President Obama's speech and the FCC's impending decision, we explore -- and rule out -- possible outcomes of the net neutrality debate, including recent claims by Internet service providers.
November 14, 2014

President Obama Publicly Supports Net Neutrality

President Obama himself joined the net neutrality debate earlier this week, supporting net neutrality advocates by calling for the FCC to “implement the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality.”
November 6, 2014

FCC Offers New Solution for Net Neutrality

Following the recent uproar about net neutrality, the FCC has finally come forth with a possible solution. However, the plan is unlikely to garner any support from carriers or consumers alike...
September 16, 2014

FCC’s Net Neutrality Decision May Also Affect Wireless Networks

As the FCC considers eliminating net neutrality for internet service providers, it turns out that the decision may also affect your mobile internet experience.