Strategic Sourcing Overview by Cannon Group | Your trusted experts in telecom management.

Strategic Sourcing Overview

Within 12 months of a carrier services contract expiration, Cannon Group leverages our industry and provider knowledge to help you develop a plan, negotiate new agreements with incumbents or fully manage the RFP process.  Some clients retain us for ongoing negotiations support.

Our sourcing experts ease the strain on your in-house resources, shorten the bid process by as much as 2 to 4 months, and save you money.



To ensure a positive outcome, it is essential to develop a strategy.  Cannon Group helps clients:

  • Build a business case
  • Assess contracts for their competitiveness
  • Develop a migration strategy to newer technologies like SIP or SD-WAN

Vendor Negotiations


For clients that know who they want to provide their services - incumbent or new carrier, Cannon Group serves as your advocate:

  • Finding leverage points within the contract
  • Negotiating for best in class outcomes

RFP Management

Other clients would like to understand what their options are, so Cannon Group provides a comprehensive, turn key solution that includes:

  • Documenting requirements
  • Releasing and managing the RFP through a web-based platform
  • Soliciting vendors
  • Awarding the bid
  • Negotiating the final contract

Retained Sourcing

Cannon Group is often retained by clients to be stewards of their largest  carrier contracts.  In this case, we own:

  • Lifecycle of contract amendments
  • Vendor management
  • Comprehensive reporting

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"Cannon Group does a great job. I hired them a few years ago to manage NYISO telecom bills. They saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars! I highly recommend them."

- Ken Fell,
President SKF Associates and Executive Director of the NA iSO/RTO Tech Committee