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Cost optimization through proactive expense management

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"The Cannon Group team effectively represents our business interests in managing information technology contracts and costs. We are confident in their ability to continue to achieve positive results.""

Chief Information Officer
Global Utilities Corporation

Expense Management Overview

Cannon Group helps companies right-size their telecom expenses by offering outsourced solutions for wireline and wireless expense management and contingent workers. 

We build a strong foundation by starting with a detailed understanding of the client environment and implement the software in a way that specifically addresses your needs.  The heavy lifting is done by Cannon Group experts and involves a minimal amount of effort from your in house resources. 

Telecom Expense Management

Cannon Group provides inventory, invoice and contract management solutions that:

  • Automate processing and payment of invoices
  • Manage cost variances and recover credits
  • Provide reporting and proactive optimization to support stronger evidence-based technology decisions

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Mobility Management

Cannon Group provides our clients with the expertise, tools and resources to offset time consuming management of their mobile environment. Our services include:

  • Implementing and integrating mobility management software
  • Managing assets, bills and contracts
  • End-user portal and tier 1 & 2 support for mobile end users
  • Reporting and proactive optimization

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Contingent Workforce Management

As companies increasingly depend on contractors to supplement their workforce, it has become a challenge to manage their expenses: Cannon Group solutions address these concerns by:

  • Streamlining invoice receipt, cost coding and charge validation
  • Improving the process for approving invoices and making payments
  • Providing reporting down to the project level

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Expense Management

By collecting the invoices all together in one place and reviewing them for accuracy, Liberty turns a time-consuming, cumbersome burden into a highly efficient, cost-saving process, including:

  • Contract compliance: ensures you’re actually paying the negotiated rates
  • Inventory compliance: confirms that you’re paying for what actually belongs to you
  • Transaction audit: one-time transactional charges, such as travel, are checked for legitimacy
  • Variance audit: identifies when an expense moves up or down, and helps to pinpoint why

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