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VWR Realized Big Savings by Choosing Cannon Group to Manage their Global RFP


About VWR International

VWR International is an American company involved in the distribution of research laboratory products, with over 1.2 million items to more than 250,000 customers in North America and Europe.
VWR's mission is to enable the advancement of science throughout the world by encouraging innovation, delivering what they promise and striving for nothing less than process excellence.


Initial Engagement

Cannon Group’s relationship with VWR International began in 2007 with a project to renegotiate a new carrier agreement, review wireless and assist with policy definition. Objectives of this initial project included an immediate take-over of ongoing carrier negotiations for long distance, toll-free and data services.

The success of this initial project created a solid, trusting relationship between VWR and Cannon Group, paving the way for an additional six projects over several years, including ongoing contract and wireless management that continues today.


VWR had a sourcing event coming up within 15 months. Their primary contract for global voice and data services was expiring and there was not enough time to allow for a competitive RFP process and the required transition.

Cannon Group Sourcing team immediately got started with negotiating a contract extension with VWR's primary vendor for voice and data services. This extension allowed VWR to realize immediate savings of $1.3M and extended the window for conducting a competitive RFP.

After completing an RFP planning session and documenting the requirements, Cannon Group released and managed a global RFP and negotiated contract terms with the winner bidder.



The RFP process was completed in just 6 months and the Cannon Group Sourcing Team was able to achieve a striking total two-year savings of almost $3M on a best-in-class carrier agreement.

While the bid was awarded to the incumbent provider - it was clear that the competitive process provided VWR with greater leverage and therefore a better agreement than they would have gotten from a simple renewal.

Cannon Group was engaged for ongoing management of wireline and wireless expenses which drove additional savings of $1.1M over the contract term - representing a return of 15x the fee and VWR is in an excellent leverage position for future negotiations.

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