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Cannon Group Delivers Broad Set of Services to Support DeVry’s Growing Network Infrastructure


About DeVry, Inc.

Since 1931, DeVry University has harnessed the power of technology to innovate education, teaching how technology integrates people, process, data and devices to solve modern business problems. With over 100 campuses across the US and Caribbean, DeVry University makes it easy to find a nearby campus or to choose a the convenience of online options.


"Cannon Group is client-focused and a great advocate for DeVry. They bring a high level of inspection and scrutiny to our contracts and growing infrastructure. We entrust their team with priority telecom-related projects."

- Michele Danza, Senior Director of Supply Management at DeVry Inc.


DeVry Inc. expanded its business relationship with Cannon Group to simplify, manage and support their growing telecom environment.

Their goal was to realize savings and operational efficiencies and wanted to ensure that the savings translated to their bottom line.

After an initial assessment of DeVry’s telecom contract and billing environment, the Cannon Group team identified opportunities to co-term contracts, drive savings by renegotiating agreements and leverage multi-carrier/multi-service platforms to uncover lowest cost options for voice and data services.

As a final part of the plan, the Cannon Group team also provides stewardship and expense management reporting that includes spend analysis, compliance and commitment tracking.



Since hiring Cannon Group to manage its primary telecom carriers in 2007, DeVry has seen an average of $3m a year in telecom savings hit its bottom line resulting in a 580% return on investment.

The benefits have extended beyond savings as related efforts from Cannon Group's Sourcing team have driven network transformation.

“DeVry entrusted us to assess what they had, build a plan of attack, and execute that plan. We’re proud to be an integral part of the DeVry team, a trusted partner who works hard to manage their telecom environment.  We pride ourselves in delivering best-in-class results while maintaining a close relationship with our clients.”

- Tom Cannon, Executive Vice President of Strategic Relationships for Cannon Group

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