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Mobile Communications: Rethinking Your Strategy
August 10, 2017
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August 16, 2017

Why It’s Time to Rethink Mobility

Why It’s Time to Rethink Mobility

Mobile technologies have revolutionized the business world -- while also bringing a host of issues to IT departments

Today’s employees and customers alike depend on around-the-clock services and productivity tools enabled by business-critical mobile applications, especially for sales, customer service, employee collaboration and essential administrative functions. On-the-road sales and customer service teams depend on customer relationship management (CRM) applications to manage leads, contacts, closings and ongoing relationships. Employee teams rely on business collaboration and file sharing tools to communicate and exchange information in real time without wasting hours commuting to the office or another physical meeting location.

Cloud office systems such as Office 365 and Google Apps for Work allow employees to perform a full range of administrative and creative tasks on their handhelds. Proprietary applications are on the rise in enabling a wide range of company-specific capabilities.

Mobile technologies are helping employees become more productive and accessible to their clients, colleagues and bosses, but they bring a host of issues to IT departments around managing the devices, contracts, invoices and users.

While extremely beneficial to the modern enterprise, mobile capabilities need to be deployed and managed strategically to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs. In fact, according to Simon Zaccardi, Vice President of Managed Services at the Cannon Group, any business’s mobility enablement should start with a sound strategy — one that clearly lays out how mobility enables the business. That strategy needs a comprehensive plan to control and manage the devices, the applications, the myriad of data plans on the market, and of course, the costs of these assets.

Finally, there must be always-available support to monitor, maintain and optimize all the company’s mobile resources.

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