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December 19, 2014
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What to Expect for Enterprise Infrastructure in 2015

What to Expect for Enterprise Infrastructure in 2015

More Cyberattacks, Increased Cloud Adoption and Other Predictions for Enterprises

December 31, 2014

The enterprise industry has seen immense change within the past several years, and as the new year looms ahead, experts say that 2015 will be no exception.

Based on recent trends, expect increases in everything from cyberattacks to mobile investments in 2015:



If you think 2014 was bad for cybersecurity (to name a few incidents: New Cyberattack Targets 1,000 Major Networks – and Probably More, Recent Cyberattack Calls Device Unlocking Policies into Question, and Your Android Device May Be Vulnerable to Hackers), buckle your seatbelts, because 2015 will be a bumpy ride. Experts say that “we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to cyberattacks.*

Though there are many ways to enforce enterprise security (see Security Advice from Cyber-Experts), a majority of companies are woefully unprepared.

There are an ever-increasing number of ways for hackers to steal valuable information, and as technology advances, attacks will likely become more sophisticated as well as more frequent.

For more about why IT security should be priority #1 for organizations in 2015, see Don’t Overlook Enterprise Security.


Containers / Converged Infrastructure / APIs / Network Virtualization

Essentially, these are areas to keep your eye on moving forward into 2015.

We haven’t covered much about these areas in the past, as they’re still developing and have much to prove when it comes to their value in the enterprise industry.

For now, containers (e.g. Docker, CoreOS) boasted impressive growth in 2014, while converged infrastructure has much interesting competition on the horizon with big system vendors (e.g. Cisco UCS and Dell). Experts predict that APIs will increase in enterprise development, and although network virtualization (formerly known as software-defined networking or SDN) has mostly only seen adoption by a few sectors, experts predict that it will soon catch the interest of a larger variety of consumers.*


Big Data

Like the areas in the previous section, big data is also waiting for its big break. Companies began increasing funding for big data solutions in 2014, and things look promising for big data as we wait to see the revenue benefits.


Cloud Adoption

In the past, we’ve outlined the benefits of cloud (see The Six Biggest Benefits of Cloud Computing) and important cloud investments (see The Five Most Important Cloud Investments for Business in 2014).

Now, as organizations begin to see cloud as an essential investment, it’s important to remember strategy. In particular, you’ve got to consider how cloud fits into your business, as well as ways to be responsible about cloud implementation.

This is also true as the battle between different types of cloud services gets heated (e.g. Amazon Web Services versus Infrastructure as a Service). As with most services, this industry competition could mean good things for consumers.


Mobile for Business

Fleshing out a mobile strategy is essential to set your company up for short- and long-term success.

We all know that mobile has been an area of impressive growth in recent years, and the wireless environment nationwide is expanding to facilitate this growth (see Carriers Will Improve Network Performance for 2015 and U.S. Carriers Race to Launch VoLTE).

For more about how a mobile strategy could benefit your organization, see 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Mobility Management or speak to a Cannon Group representative today.


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