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August 14, 2014
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August 21, 2014

The State of Enterprise App Development

The State of Enterprise App Development

Research Demonstrates the Selective Nature of Developing Enterprise Apps

August 19, 2014

As mobility gains traction in the enterprise, mobile business applications are becoming more common – and in addition, the enterprise mobile app industry is the most profitable for developers.

However, despite an increasing number of app developers, recent research for 3Q14 finds that only 16 percent participate in building enterprise mobile apps.

Surveying 10,000 developers in 130 countries around the world, researchers discovered a sharp increase in earnings for developers targeting enterprise apps – from $5,000 to $25,000 more per app per month.* So why aren’t more developers taking advantage of building apps for enterprises?


The Untapped Enterprise App Opportunity


Why Developers Might be Missing Out

Experts speculate that when it comes to enterprise mobile apps, expectations for quality are greater – particularly when it comes to a demand for better mobile security, visibility and reliability. In addition, the app must positively impact productivity while simultaneously maintaining user-friendliness.

Taking all of these factors into account, building a strong enterprise app can be a daunting task for mobile app developers. After all, the survey shows that at least 25 percent of all developers are independent developers “gaining experience to eventually seize on future opportunities.”*


The Spectrum of App Developers

For these “explorers,” it may not be worth-it to endure the process of collaborating with a business’s IT team (often a headache in itself), paired with the demands of ensuring a positive user experience, best-in-class mobile security, visibility and reliability.

In other words, the stakes are higher for developers who choose to target enterprise apps, which may explain why so few developers choose to build enterprise mobile apps, and why building a successful one is so lucrative.*


What Does This Mean for You?

The State of Enterprise App DevelopmentFor the same reason that so few developers choose to target the enterprise app industry, enterprises must also be more selective about the developers they hire. This selectiveness is mainly based on the demands of mobile security – particularly for companies with BYOD programs, as cyberattacks can breach company devices and thus access company information – as well as user-friendliness.

Often, as demonstrated by this research, getting the best app for your business means hiring the best (and often, most expensive) app developers that target enterprises. Despite an ever-growing pool of app developers and companies, the fact remains that the many demands and requirements for enterprise apps keep this field very selective.

While the costs for developing an enterprise app will be high, it’s worth it for the end result.


Other Interesting Findings

  • 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies adopt iOS for their apps. As a result, iOS developers targeting enterprises are more than twice as likely to be earning over $25K per app per month compared to their Android counterparts. According to this survey, building enterprise apps on the Apple iOS operating systems pays significantly more.
  • Many mobile app developers and companies are struggling. Stats reveal that 24 percent of mobile app developers make nothing at all. Meanwhile, 64 percent make less than $10K a month, 9 percent make between $10K to $100K a month, and just 2 percent have mobile apps making over $100K a month.

* Columbus, Louis. Enterprise Mobile Apps Pay The Most Yet Attract Few Developers, Forbes.