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Tablet Sales to Grow in 2015

Tablet Sales to Grow in 2015

Enterprise Device Sales Will Contribute to this Increase

January 16, 2015

Tablet sales have been fairly stagnant in recent months (despite Tablet Sales Intensify in 1Q14, the market only grew by about 9 percent in 2014) but research predicts big things for tablets in the near future.

According to CCS Insight,* worldwide tablet sales will skyrocket and double in the next several years, starting with projected growth of 28 percent in 2015, for a total of about 283 million tablets (as sales to first-time users are complemented by upgrades).

And that’s just the beginning – the market researcher also predicts that global tablet sales will double to reach 540 million by 2018.

The interesting thing is that much of this growth is expected to come from enterprise device sales after 2016.


Details of Projected Tablet Growth

  • As the smart device industry continue to grow and tablets become more prevalent worldwide, the prediction is that businesses will begin to adopt these devices. That’s why research names businesses as “key to the second wave of tablet market growth beyond 2016.”*
  • The growth of tablet sales can be attributed to an explosion in the popularity of LTE devices last year in 2014 (see LTE Device Market Doubles in Past Year).
  • Android will remain the dominant operating system for low and mid-range tablets; however, thanks to the growing success of campaigns for Microsoft’s Surface tablet, Windows will probably raise its share in the next two years.
  • In 2015, North America and Western Europe will make up around half of the 283 million tablets sold worldwide.
  • In 2018, experts predict that 1.54 billion tablets will be in use. 27 percent of these tablets will be mobile network-enabled, and 63 percent will be smaller than 9 inches.


* Tablet sales forecast to grow 28% to 283 mln units this year, TelecomPaper. Telecom.paper BV.