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T-Mobile Has the Highest LTE Data Usage

T-Mobile Has the Highest LTE Data Usage

Carrier Network Growth Must Accommodate Rising Data Usage Across the Industry

November 3, 2014

Continuing its recent “UnCarrier” theme to set itself apart from competitors (see T-Mobile Offers Free WiFi Equipment to Improve Network Performance and T-Mobile Gains Customers, Advances on Competition), T-Mobile is making headlines again with its Q3 earnings.

Specifically, the UnCarrier is supporting customers who use an average of 2.7GB per month, compared to AT&T users with an average of 1.5GB and Verizon users at 2GB.*

And according to its Q3 reports, this usage is even higher for customers signed up for T-Mobile’s unlimited plan.


The Growth of Data Usage

For T-Mobile, these numbers have increased significantly from just last year – with average LTE usage up from 2GB to 3GB. Meanwhile, reports from carriers across the board show an overall increase in data usage.

Luckily, carrier networks across the country have also expanded to accommodate this quickly-increasing usage (see Comparing Network Coverage in 2014 and Analyzing Recent LTE Growth).

Currently, 99 percent of the U.S. population is covered by at least one LTE network (see U.S. Wireless Coverage in Q3 2014) – and carriers find themselves on an ongoing cycle to improve network quality and reach.

It’s definitely a good thing, since consumers seem eager to use any network capabilities available to them – showing an appetite that’s not likely to be satiated any time soon.


* Reedy, Sarah. T-Mobile Customers Use the Most LTE Data, Light Reading. Light Reading.

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