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January 8, 2015
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Making the Case for Enhanced Mobile Security

Making the Case for Enhanced Mobile Security

Infographic: Mobile Malware’s Prevalence in the Wireless Network

January 13, 2015

Mobile malware is a growing concern worldwide – and particularly in the enterprise mobile world.

For businesses, a security issue with an employees’ phone could leave sensitive company information vulnerable to hackers and other unfriendly eyes (see The Effects and Results of Enterprise BYOD and Don’t Overlook Enterprise Security).

In addition to eliminating harmful mobile security habits this year on a relatively individual basis (see 7 Mobile Security Mistakes to Stop Making in 2015), you can also enhance your organization’s overall mobile security with a host of new platforms.

One of these many programs, called Mobile Security Guardian by Alcatel-Lucent, offers an in-depth look at the reason why we need better mobile security in the infographic below.


Some highlights from this infographic:*

  • 80 percent of emerging mobile malware threats monitor location, calls, text and emails, in addition to tracking the victim’s web browsing habits.
  • 71 percent of smartphones have no antivirus protection (compared with only 6 percent of PCs).
  • 65 percent of smartphone owners believe it’s their service provider’s responsibility to protect their smartphone.
  • Of 40 popular antivirus solutions tested within a period of six weeks, only ONE proved effective against new threats.
  • As of August 2014, 15 million mobile devices are infected with malware worldwide.

Source: Alcatel-Lucent



* Malware detection and subscriber protection infographic, Alcatel-Lucent.