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September 24, 2014
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How to Enable VoLTE for Your iPhone 6

How to Enable VoLTE for Your iPhone 6

Our Mobile Experts Reveal the Steps for Using Voice-over-LTE

September 29, 2014

Lately, VoLTE technology has been a huge driver of innovation and new offerings, particularly as U.S. carriers launch VoLTE networks and prepare to offer Voice-over-WiFi for users.

As a reminder, VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) is a 4G voice service that transforms calls into data, which is then carried over U.S. carriers’ growing LTE networks – and would thus revolutionize the user experience (see examples below).


What Does This Mean for You?

VoLTE could allow for a variety of helpful possibilities (both pertaining to your work and personal life), such as the ability to:

  • Browse the Internet and check apps while conducting a phone call
  • Tether your laptop to your iPhone 6 and still receive calls (and thus conduct business in a more cost-effective way)
  • Ditch the air cards and associated monthly costs

And what’s even more promising: new mobile devices are beginning to come pre-loaded with the capability (see: LTE Device Market Doubles in Past Year.

NOTE: Right now, the service only works in areas with LTE coverage, meaning that you lose the ability to access voice and web simultaneously when you travel to a 3G area. However, considering the quick pace of the industry as well as carriers increasing LTE coverage nationwide, the future is promising.

For more information about the state of LTE, see The State of LTE in the United States.


Enabling VoLTE for Your Device

In order to leverage this new feature, you will need access to your carrier account and web portal.

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How to Enable VoLTE for Your iPhone 6

Step 1: Access your carrier web portal

In Verizon: At the lower left of your screen, choose the Add/Remove Features. Then, scroll to Advanced Calling 1.0. Check HD Voice, click Continue, and click Continue again. Finally, go to Checkout and click Submit.

In AT&T: As of now, the account will provision itself, as your location allows.

Step 2: Change the settings on your iPhone

Open your Settings app (the gear icon) on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Go to Cellular, Enable LTE, and check “Voice & Data”

Step 3: Reboot your phone

Step 4: Update your wireless connection security key (aka password) on any device that you are tethered to.

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