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April 7, 2015
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Here’s How Network Teams are Handling Enterprise Security

Here’s How Network Teams are Handling Enterprise Security

Infographic: Global Study Addresses the State of the Network and Data Security

April 14, 2015

Security has been a hot topic in the business world lately, and for good reason.

From increasingly devious cyberattacks (e.g. 2015’s Anthem data breach and 2014’s Backoff virus) to faulty enterprise security as companies implement new technologies, there are many ways in which organizations can find themselves at risk.

As we’ve discussed before, many organizations make the mistake of leaving the all-important task of security maintenance and enhancement to small teams or lesser departments (see Don’t Overlook Enterprise Security). Instead, experts say that network teams must take a “more comprehensive approach to security” to combat growing dangers.*

The infographic below is based on information from an annual study by Network Instruments, the 2015 State of the Network Study. This study examines critical trends and technologies that shape network management.


Highlights from the Study

  • Almost 25 percent of network teams spend 10-20 hours per week working exclusively on security issues.
  • 85 percent are involved in security investigations, in addition to managing network upgrades, SDN, cloud, and big data initiatives.
  • Top challenges included correlating security issues with network performance and inability to replay anomalous security events.†


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