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May 26, 2015
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Global Survey Shows Poor Mobile Usage Satisfaction Worldwide

Global Survey Shows Poor Mobile Usage Satisfaction Worldwide

Infographic: Telecom Industry Ranks at the Top for Poor Customer Service Globally—See the Stats, and What This Means for You

May 29, 2015

As any good businessperson knows, customer service is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.

That’s probably why the telecom industry isn’t viewed favorably, ranking as the second worst industry for customer service worldwide.

According to a survey by Procera Networks, which surveyed more than 500 consumers around the world, 39 percent chose government as the worst in terms of customer services. Close behind—only one percent, to be specific—was the telecommunications industry, with 38 percent of the vote for worst customer service.*

Despite all this, 85 percent of customers never or rarely call customer service helpdesks when they encounter any issues.

Other notable statistics from the survey:*

High Speed Coverage

Video Quality and Streaming

  • 75 percent stream video on mobile devices at least several times a week
  • More than 80 percent think this number will increase
  • Currently, 90 percent experience video quality problems every day
  • But 70 percent find it “very important” to have good quality video for streaming

Customer Support

  • 45 percent say they will never report bad experiences to customer service
  • 40 percent say they will only report when they are very upset with an experience
  • Only 15 percent of respondents said that they would actually call customer support
  • Meanwhile, about 40 percent said that they would resort to self-care apps to try and solve their problems

Worst Experience

  • 45 percent said coverage and basic connectivity problems
  • 45 percent said poor video quality
  • 8 percent said app crashed, battery life issues and overall slow devices
  • Only 2 percent are “very happy” with the services delivered




One of the best methods for improving this poor rating, experts say, is to improve analytics and real-time quality of experience monitoring.

This way, carriers can better manage and improve the subscriber experience.


What Does This Mean for You?

In addition to finding out where your own service ranks, tips for improvement can also be applied to end user services for mobile management in your business.

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* Mobile Subscriber Experience, Light Reading. Light Reading.