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The Five Most Important Cloud Investments for Business in 2014

The Five Most Important Cloud Investments for Business in 2014

Cloud budgets will increase by 8.6 percent in 2014, according to Aberdeen

January 22, 2014

According to a study by Aberdeen Group surveying cloud usage in various businesses, business cloud users will increase their annual cloud spend by 8.6 percent, much greater than the predicted 1 percent increase in overall IT spending.*

This increased budget will be spent in a variety of ways, on a multitude (19 total, to be exact) of technologies. Ultimately, these new methods and tools will be implemented to improve cloud performance by increasing the complexity of cloud programs.

The top five of these 19 technologies are outlined below, while the chart shows which of these five methods are currently or will be implemented within the next year, according to survey participants.

They’re separated into three categories: Security, improved networking performance and advanced management capabilities.

The Five Most Important Cloud Investments for Business in 2014


The Top Five Cloud Investments Predicted for Businesses in 2014



  • Encrypting cloud data as it travels to and from the cloud as well as encryption once it’s stored in the cloud.
  • Establishing a secure connection to the cloud, allowing businesses to access the cloud and connect with remote offices without separate network ports and premise-based firewall services.


Improved Networking Performance

  • Implementing WAN optimization software improves users’ cloud experiences by increasing data-transfer efficiencies across a wide area network (WAN).
  • Focusing on internal network performance will help to improve network performance overall, by investing in software-defined networks, switches, and hubs.


Advanced Management Capabilities

  • Uniting on-premise internal infrastructure and cloud capabilities under a single IT management hub will increase flexibility and convenience for cloud usage.


While considering cloud budgets for 2014 within your business, keep in mind that cloud is becoming a much bigger deal as technologies and tools improve.

According to Dick Csaplar, “cloud tools continue to mature and that we are still in the beginning stages of the cloud computing revolution.” *


* Csaplar, Dick. More Money, More Performance: A Look at Business Cloud Spending, ThinkGig. CenturyLink, Inc.

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