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Evaluating Your Mobile Ecosystem

Evaluating Your Mobile Ecosystem

Before implementing mobility strategies, it's important to assess the state of your mobility

Those business-critical applications that your employees now depend on to perform their jobs are consuming massive amounts of data, especially the ones that stream video and audio; share large files; exchange photos and perform other data intensive functions. Most of the applications are probably residing in the cloud, which means additional data consumption and dependence for access and transfers. Disparate or poorly managed data plans can quickly wreak havoc on corporate budgets.

Cloud devices, where the typical employee carries an average of three, need strong inventory and management control. Security and productivity can easily be compromised with misplaced, stolen or even aging devices that cannot support updated applications and protocols.

Regardless of a BYOD or company-owned environment, security of the data and devices is paramount, especially when company and customer sensitive data are involved and phones are used for much more than communications. There are, of course, multiple mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) programs available, but taking on the responsibility for implementing and managing them in-house can be a huge strain on an already over-burdened IT team.

Obviously, mobility has become a strategic business imperative that empowers employees and contributes to efficiency, productivity and profitability. Embrace it, but be sure that your enterprise’s ecosystem has the rock-solid strategies and controls in place to address complexity and costs.

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