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December 11, 2014
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December 19, 2014

Don’t Overlook Enterprise Security

Don’t Overlook Enterprise Security

With Great Progress Comes Great Risk: IT Security Should be Priority #1 for Organizations Moving Forward

December 16, 2014

While enterprise IT has made leaps and bounds in terms of technology and growth (for example, see The Effects and Results of Enterprise BYOD), the truth is that this growth could leave company IT environments more vulnerable than ever.

It all traces back to a weak link in a growing number of IT environments: enterprise security. When it comes to recent progress in the IT environment, many organizations fail to fortify and enhance existing security measures.

And when security continually falls short of recommendations, the risks of technology innovation increase significantly. According to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 45 percent of Americans said they had received a breach notification letter from a retailer or card-issuer that their payment data had been affected by a breach.*

Strangely enough, recent surveys† show that industry executives are aware of the extreme importance of enhanced security measures to protect private business data. They know that security is imperative to protect their network, consumers, users and devices (see How to Ensure Mobile Security). In fact, more than 95 percent of the nearly 400 surveyed execs rated security as “essential” or “important” in the changing IT world.

Why, then, is enterprise security falling behind?

Experts believe that CIOs and other executives, despite knowing the dangers of poor security, simply don’t see it as their responsibility to fix it.


The Problem with a “Not My Job” Mentality

Many organizations leave the all-important task of security enhancement to specific teams or lesser departments. The problem is that for these small, specialized teams, it’s becoming impossible to keep up.

For one, these teams must work to constantly block threats almost daily, while also being expected to update and develop new security techniques for all-new technologies (e.g. virtualization, the cloud, etc).† In addition, cyberattacks and other security threats are becoming more brazen and sophisticated (see New Cyberattack Targets 1,000 Major Networks – and Probably More and Your Android Device May Be Vulnerable to Hackers).

Without increased budgets and extra support, experts say, these security teams are horribly under-equipped – and will most likely continue to be as IT technology continues to progress.


A 2015 Goal: Enhance Security

It’s important to remember that there are no catch-all solutions when it comes to enterprise security, due to the ever-changing and increasingly crafty nature of security threats.

With that being said, however, users and security managers can protect themselves in a multitude of ways (such as enterprise BYOD security, for example).

For helpful advice from experts, see Security Advice from Cyber-Experts.


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