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January 2, 2014
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CIOs: How to Regain Control Over Your Priorities

CIOs: How to Regain Control Over Your Priorities

Best Practices and Tools to Keep Up with Growing Technology Demands

January 13, 2014

As technology develops beyond our wildest dreams, it also becomes exponentially more important with each passing year.

According to a recent report*, 5 of the 7 fastest growing industries reside in the sphere of technology – and are expected to continue growing and developing at rapid rates. In addition, virtually every business utilizes some form of technology to function smoothly.

That’s why the role of the CIO has become so essential in business. Heading the IT departments in their companies, CIOs are responsible for researching and implementing new technologies to ultimately increase productivity and profits.

However, more importance on technology means more pressure on CIOs and their teams.

The reality is that most CIOs and IT organizations spend very little time evaluating the newest technologies; instead, they’re too busy managing the existing (and often outdated) technologies already in place.

There’s no time to implement brand new technology and achieve goals while constantly managing existing (and often outdated) technologies on a day-to-day basis. Many CIOs find themselves mired in this dilemma, unable to focus on optimizing their telecom and technology environments. To make matters worse, many IT departments are understaffed and thus overworked to the point where productivity and progress become an afterthought.

For many CIOs and IT workers, this is the source of much stress and frustration.


The Solution

According to a Forbes article, the key to clearing the IT clutter is automation. Here are a few ways to achieve automation and regain control of your tech environment…†

Automate wherever possible.

Short on time and employees? Relieve overworked IT staff (while simultaneously eliminating the human error factor) by automating anywhere you can. Even when tasks can’t be automated completely or seamlessly, partial automation can still provide IT workers with swift and accurate data when necessary.

For example, password resets are a commonly tedious task that can be easily automated by affordable software. For partial automation, an IT help desk technician can utilize remote control software to log in to a user’s laptop to fix a problem without having to send out a representative.†

Get actionable data with advanced IT tools.

IT has more data than ever available at their fingertips. But there’s a difference between these mountains of data and which of this data is actionable, or helpful for solving problems. With more advanced IT management tools, large amounts of data become much easier to navigate.

Pay attention to the reports.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but the most valuable IT management tools are the ones that provide the most effective reports. Too often, customers get caught up in the look and feel of an aesthetically-pleasing dashboard, rather than thinking about which tools will decisively answer their important questions.


It’s hard to accomplish more with less.

If automation isn’t possible for your business, keep in mind that Cannon Group builds long-term relationships by solving telecom problems for dynamic enterprises who face the challenge of doing more with less.

With a little more time and freedom, what could you achieve for your business?
To find out, contact Cannon Group today.


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