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Analyzing LTE Device Growth in 2014

Analyzing LTE Device Growth in 2014

LTE Device Market Up by 78 Percent; LTE Device Manufacturers Up by 52 Percent

October 15, 2014

The last time we checked in July, the LTE device market had doubled in the past year.

Now, three months later, a report by the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) shows that the number of LTE-enabled user devices has increased again by 78.8 percent, with 978 new devices launched over the past year for a total ecosystem of 2,218 devices. The report also states that the number of LTE device manufacturers has increased by 52.5 percent, for a total of 183 companies.*

This progress is a testament to the prevalence and unparalleled growth of LTE around the world (thanks to several integrated components accelerating global LTE growth).


A Breakdown of Device Growth

Smartphones remain the largest device category, with a total launched number of 1,045. Placed in the context of the total LTE device market, this means that smartphones constitute more than 47 percent of all LTE device types.

Analyzing LTE Device Growth in 2014Alternatively, as the total amount of tablet sales rose in Q1 of 2014, LTE-connected tablets now stand at 207 available devices. Meanwhile, routers and personal hotspots grew to 559.

In terms of bands and frequencies, the 1800 MHz (3GPP band 3) is the best-supported band, accounting for 944 devices – the largest LTE devices ecosystem at roughly 42 percent of the total device market. Subsequently, the TDD mode (TD-LTE) comes in second, with 644 devices – or 29 percent of the total device market.

The report also notes that device manufacturers have announced VoLTE-enabled devices as carriers race to launch VoLTE. Thus far, 146 VoLTE-capable phones (including carrier and frequency variants) have been announced by leading vendors Apple, Asus, Fujitsu, Huawei, LG, Pantech, Samsung, Sharp and Sony Mobile.*


* LTE device launches up to 2,218 by 183 suppliers – GSA, Telecompaper. Telecom.paper BV.

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