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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Mobility Management

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Mobility Management

Reap the Benefits of Mobility Management by Outsourcing to a Mobility Management Services (MMS) Provider

July 10, 2014

With the rise of MDM in business, and particularly the growth of BYOD, mobility management is becoming an important standard in the workplace. And according to recent research, IT managers are becoming more and more willing to outsource mobility management to a third-party managed mobility services (MMS) provider.*

Don’t get us wrong – nearly everyone considers mobility management a competitive advantage for businesses, since BYOD’s introduction and subsequent growth in recent years has greatly revolutionized the workplace.

Yet a survey conducted by GigaOm* shows that IT executives are increasingly leaning toward outsourcing everything from device ordering, mobile contract management to configuration and mobility support.

In fact, 17.2 percent of survey respondents report that they are already using an MMS provider, while 31.5 percent are actively investigating MMS options. Conversely, only 13.6 percent say that they would never outsource. The remaining 38.3 percent are not opposed to outsourcing, but remain undecided.

In short: More than 85 percent of businesses are currently outsourcing or would consider outsourcing a portion of their mobility strategy to an MMS provider.†


Outsourcing Mobility Management to a 3rd Party MMS Provider


Why Outsource a Competitive Advantage?

By keeping mobility management an in-house practice, businesses run the risk of making blunders and paying the price – especially when it comes to the tricky facets of mobility management, such as choosing the right EMM solution or implementing smart BYOD security policies.

According to experts, “enterprise mobility is an absolute mess, so mere competence can put you ahead of the pack.”*

In other words, while others struggle in the new and treacherous waters of business mobility, you can benefit greatly by putting mobility management in the hands of experienced MMS providers.

That means eliminating the responsibility for learning the ropes of a brand new practice, while simultaneously gaining additional advantages. Think simplicity, visibility, cost savings, and strategy.


5 Benefits of Outsourcing Mobility Management


BENEFIT 1: Simplicity

Tackling mobility management alone means gaining a full, working understanding of all its components. That includes learning and understanding every different option regarding mobile strategy, planning, provisioning, management and support, as well as end-of-life practices for devices and contracts.†

A MMS provider takes care of the nitty-gritty, consolidating to simply provide you with the high-level information necessary to make the important decisions.

BENEFIT 2: Visibility

Since mobility management is a new and all-encompassing practice, it becomes a problem if a business’s prior mobility spending is unclear or unknown.

With the help of a MMS provider, you can gain visibility into your total spend, as well as an understanding of how company employees use their devices. That means being able to use a MMS provider’s comprehensive platform to perform tasks like monitoring costs, understanding device plans and supporting incidents.*

BENEFIT 3: Cost Savings

Reports show that businesses can spend less by outsourcing mobility management. According to a recent mobility benchmarking report, organizations utilizing an outsourced mobility management service spend 47 percent less per device than companies with internal mobile programs (see: Spend Less by Outsourcing Mobility Management).

Plus, as average direct spending per mobile device increases, thanks to increased visibility, finance gets a total picture of its cost-per-employee.

BENEFIT 4: Security

Another reason why it’s getting easier to outsource mobility: mobile security standards are improving.

With innovations for the workplace, such as Google’s Android for Work, these devices are becoming as secure and safe as iOS in the enterprise (hopefully putting Android’s infamous security issues behind them). In general, the availability of single consolidated, centralized systems for mobile and desktop platform/app security is increasing (see: How to Ensure Mobile Security.

As devices improve, however, BYOD security policies must improve with them. Outsourced mobile management can provide performance efficiency through policy enforcement and security procedures (e.g. for mobile apps and lost/stolen devices).

BENEFIT 5: Strategy

Reap the benefits of optimized provider plans that create the most efficient mobile program. MMS providers are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to mobility, and that can yield valuable strategic advice for your business.

Outsourcing to a MMS provider presents the opportunity to plan a roadmap for your business’s mobility platform. With their expertise, it’s easy to create the best mobility management strategy, from specific policies (e.g. tiering support levels and hardware policies to different roles*) to a big-picture plan.


Choosing the Right MMS Provider

The high level of specialization between MMS providers means that, in order to benefit from outsourcing mobility management, you must be willing to make an informed decision by conducting the research.

Start here: Best Practices for Choosing the Right EMM Solution.


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